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Rehabilitation for ‘unwanted’ horses 


People love horses no doubt- but most people not only want a ‘pet’ - they want to be able to ride their horse and enjoy the exhilaration of being part of a bond like no other feeling can give


Unfortunately there is another side of the horse world - a side where horses are neglected or discarded because they no longer serve a purpose to their owner.  Some end up in horse rescues and some are simply forgotten and left standing in the ‘back yard’ 


There are many situations where these horses come from - but we can almost split them into 2 categories- horses who have never been ridden and then horses who have been trained but through illness or injury are no longer useful 


We will purchase these horses from either the rescue center or the owner and rehabilitate the horse gently nursing-them back to health and taking care of their individual needs


Rehabilitation for clients 


Of course there are also situations where people still love and want to take care of their horses when they are ill or injured but they dont have the resources or time or even the specific area needed to manage the horses journey back to health.


Our facility offers a special boarding program where we tailor a package to each horse and owners needs - allowing our clients to eventually take their horses home and continue on their path together

Our rehabilitation skills allow us to treat everything from eye injuries to ligament tears - and everything in between.

We offer tailor packages to clients that are built around their horses specific rehabilitation.  Our vast knowledge and use of specialized equipment encompasses everything from red light therapy to acupressure 


The Hospital

Our purpose built hospital block is separate to the main barn.  There are 3 stalls specifically designed with rehabilitation in mind, a custom medical room to house all the necessary supplies and equipment and its own covered cross tie area.  

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