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Who Are We ?

We like to think of ourselves as a half way house.  The area between riding a horse ......and not 


Rehabilitation for ‘unwanted’ horses 


People love horses no doubt- but most people not only want a ‘pet’ - they want to be able to ride their horse and enjoy the exhilaration of being part of a bond like no other feeling can give


Unfortunately there is another side of the horse world - a side where horses are neglected or discarded because they no longer serve a purpose to their owner.  Some end up in horse rescues and some are simply forgotten and left standing in the ‘back yard’ 


There are many situations where these horses come from - but we can almost split them into 2 categories- horses who have never been ridden and then horses who have been trained but through illness or injury are no longer useful 


We will purchase these horses from either the rescue center or the owner and rehabilitate the horse gently nursing-them back to health and taking care of their individual needs


Rehabilitation for clients 


Of course there are also situations where people still love and want to take care of their horses when they are ill or injured but they dont have the resources or time or even the specific area needed to manage the horses journey back to health.


Our facility offers a special boarding program where we tailor a package to each horse and owners needs - allowing our clients to eventually take their horses home and continue on their path together 




Our next stage after rehabilitation is to train the horse 


Many of our clients take their horses home after rehabilitation as they can then continue to work and train their horses on their own now the horse is able to again.  However some like to stay on and be part of our training program at the stables


We then have the horses we own and after the rehabilitation we need to train them so that they can move on and be someones ‘useful’ horse - a horse that can be ridden !


Our program has many aspects - depending on the horses level - some have never been ridden- some have a little training and some can start at a more advanced level.  Our trainers are experienced in all levels and currently we house horses who are just starting their careers all the way up to professional jumpers and PSG dressage horses


We also offer training to external clients who simply need a helping hand in getting their horse to

where it needs to be

Some of our horses also come from situations where the horse and owner / rider are not a good fit for each other - it takes two to make a riding team and sometimes the two just dont get along. 




We dont forget that it takes 2 to make a riding team - we also offer a lesson program to bring horses and riders together 


We offer lessons on our own horses to those who dont own a horse as well as progressing existing riders to advanced levels by schooling them on horses who can teach them the aids they need to move forward 


We also allow riders to trailer in their own horses to be schooled together



Saving one horse will not change the world....

But surely it will change the world....

For that one horse

Our Mission

Bringing horses back to life - a life where they can thrive and not just exist

Our Mission

Our Vision

To give all horses a second chance at life

We Need Your Support Today!

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