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The New Girls

Our 4 new mares are adorable ! Unfortunately their previous owner fell ill and could no longer care for them They were her babies but really no work had ever been done with them - they were barely halter broken when we bought them 2 weeks ago from the rescue center that were called in to pick them up.

They came from a situation where they received a lot of love - but just not the right kind. They are underweight right now - so our rehabilitation simply starts with a lot of grass and the slow introduction of good quality feed and hay.

We wont give too much away right now - but watch out for our updates on their progress - we will spot light each one of these lovely ladies as they start to come around - these horses are not clients horses - they are horses we have purchased to get them out of a bad situation. We will fund these rehabilitation costs ourselves - these are the cases that we look for help with donations on.

Be sure to check back for updates

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