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The Great Gatsby

Gatsby - originally a rescue horse - was loved very much by his owner. However the two were not a good fit - they could never quite seem to make it work together to create that important team that's needed to compete together. Gatsby was then sold on and was really starting to make some huge improvements but unfortunately- horses being horses - Gatsby got injured - he tore his deep digital flexor tendon - an injury that out him out of action for almost a year.

Our rehabilitation program for him was lots of stall rest - joint supplements - ice cooling his leg - and of course a lot of love and TLC. Gatby's new owner brought him back to health - and now he is part of Dark Horses lesson program. He really can jump and loves his job - he can teach kids how to walk / trot or advanced riders how to make it over those jumps - stop by and visit us and you can see him flying high !

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