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Coby's on Time Out

Coby Sinclair can do it all - 3rd level dressage - excels in hunters and takes a jump course like a professional should ! But not for the next 6 months....

Coby was on a lease for 12 months - flying high and winning all over the country. The lease was due to end and the Coby was to be purchased at the end of January this year by the lady leasing him. However a freak pasture accident has put a stop to that - Coby came in one morning lame - and after lots of xrays and scans it was determined he has a chipped bone and some some tissue / tendon damage. Cobys owner has had him returned to her now as the lady who leased him no longer wants to buy him ! And so now he is with us at Dark Horse Stables rehabilitating and waiting on further results from tests before the owner can decide on the way forward. We will keep you up to date on his progress - but for now he is enjoying some green grass and lots of back scratches.

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